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Welcome to the home of Ubuntu Core documentation.

Ubuntu Core is a version of the Ubuntu operating system designed and engineered for IoT and embedded systems. It’s built entirely from snap packages to create a secure, robust, confined and transaction-based system that’s easy to install, deploy and upgrade.

Why use Ubuntu Core?

  • Easy image building: An image can be built locally for custom hardware with just a couple of device-specific definition files and the snapcraft and ubuntu-image commands.

  • Easy to maintain: Updates are delivered automatically without any further configuration. They’re signed, autonomous and atomic, and can withstand unpredictable hardware and network conditions, even to the operating system.

  • Security comes first: Secure boot works out-of-the-box (x86 with TPM or ARM with HSM). Full disk encryption guarantees the integrity of your data and key validation ensures what’s running is exactly what’s intended to run.

Give it a go! Follow our Getting started guide and you’ll be running Ubuntu Core in minutes.

Tutorials Step-by-step walkthroughs
Install Ubuntu Core 20 Get Ubuntu Core on a Raspberry Pi or VM
Using Ubuntu Core First steps with your new installation
Create a custom image Build your own Ubuntu Core with your own apps
How-to-guides Get stuff done
Activate a recovery mode Repair, restore or reinstall an impaired device
Add a system user Write a USB-based assertion to create a user
Build a gadget snap Create a version of Ubuntu Core for your device
Reference How Ubuntu Core works
System requirements What you need, and what we support
Ubuntu Core configuration Adjust values for refresh intervals, SSH and more
Gadget snaps Unravel the gadget snap and system properties
Conceptual guides Why it does what it does
Snaps in Ubuntu Core Discover which snaps Ubuntu Core is built upon
Refresh control Updates that are finely managed and controlled
Security and sandboxing Understanding security policies and configuration

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