The BMS - Bitcoin Multiplying System!                             Minimum profit is 10% per two day.     Up to +9% Referral Bonus.     3-level Partner Bonuses.     Open Around The Clock 24/7. 

  • Members: 6814
  • Referral bonuses paid: 111.84 BTC
  • Days online: 101
  • Payed to members: 1205.73 BTC

The BM System system uses a unique mathematical algorithm. It is based on voluntary donations. It was created by a team of former enthusiasts.


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System time
London time
Mon, 17 June 2019

Bitcoin Multiplying System
Let your bitcoins brings you +10% guaranteed income per 2 days, spending just 3 minutes.


Profit +10% per two days.

Team bonuses up to 9%

100% refund guarantee

Security protection by Blockchain

Start participating and earning +10% per two days is easy:

The BM system allows you to use bitcoin savings for making profit. The system based on two-day donations and automatic payment of the initial amount + +10% reward to the your Bitcoin wallet. Easy and quick, just like have a cup of coffee.

For example, if you've donated 1BTC on 15th, it means that you will get 1.1BTC on 17th! That day you can make a new dontation.


You will get reward on it
Same procedure for registration and for Login.

Calculate your reward

Profit on initial amount: 10%
Your reward at 2019 June 19: 0.11000000 BTC

Rewards is paid automatically to the user's wallet

Reliable and automated mechanism based on maths.

Decentralized and honest System that no one regulates.

System operates using the Bitcoin's Blockchain - it can't be faked, hacked or destroyed.

Complete transparency — all payouts are publicly visible in the Blockchain of Bitcoin.

No human factor involved.

Automatic payouts on a first-come, first-served basis with no extra load on the System.

Bring in new members and get +5% of the amount they have donated!


By bringing in new members and using your referral link, you will receive bonuses + 5% of the amount donated by each referral.


To bring in a new member as your referral, give them your referral link. You can find it in the same section where the BTC address for donations is indicated. Anyone who uses your link to navigate to our website will automatically become your referral forever. Voila — you will earn +5% of each donation they make!


You can bring in as many new members as you want — it can be the entire China or even the entire world! Thus, the more referrals you get and the more donations they make — the more bonuses you can earn. So, bring in as many new members as you can and urge them to be active! Let them change the world, make a profit and earn bonuses for you!

Get the referral bonuses!

1 level 5% Personal donations worth.
2 level 3%
3 level 1%

Total allocated for bonuses: 9%

Whenever your referrals bring in new members, you'll earn bonuses too!

There're 3 referral levels. Your bonuses will be automatically transfered into your wallet the day after your refferal made the donation.

More detailed about Bitcoin Multiplying System Operations

To change dates, the BMS uses Greenwich Mean Time.

The System's time may differ from the time of your country. This is normal, because BMS is a worldwide project that unites all countries and nationalities. The payouts are sent automatically to the participant's wallet one day after donation. There’s not exact time when your transaction will be processed . But you will have enough time to make a new donation and earn another 10%.


Bonuses are paid next day after the new member's donation.

Suppose that you have brought in a new member, which has donated 1 BTC. Excellent, next day you will get 0.05 BTC as a bonus.

There are only 2 limits in BMS.

Minimal donation is 0.0025 BTC, and maximal is 10 BTC.

BMS - is a completely safe decentralized System!

It's automatic, based on the Bitcoin code and it's Blockchain, with no human factor involved. There's no separate database that could fail. The System uses the “cold” wallet technology. There're no hot wallets — so the System can't be hacked. To hack BMS, you would first need to hack Bitcoin which no one has been or will be able to do.

The System is completely transparent!

Anyone can see the statistics — it's all accounted for, down to 0.00000001 BTC. Transactions are publicly visible — you can see how often the donations are made and how much is donated. All data is provided using links to the Bitcoin's Blockchain that cannot be forged. Furthermore, the transactions support SegWit.

It's continuously developing for!

1% of the amount in each day is used to further promotion of the project and to pay out transfer fees. After all, we want it to develop, grow the audience, operate sustainably, right? This is why the System is given some funds to develop itself.


There's no risk of losing funds!

Example of system operations:

Step 1
Donate and make profit
Step 1
Donate and make profit
Day 1 starts. You make a donation worth 0,1 BTC, then other members make new donations, and the day is finished.
Day 2 starts. Jimmy donates 0,15 BTC, then other members make new donations, and day 2 is finished, too.
When the day 2 is finished, you automatically receive the amount of your donation +10%. In other words, you will receive 0.11 BTC into your wallet.
Step 2
Get the referral bonus
Step 2
Get the referral bonus
Day 3 starts. You bring in your friend Jack as a new member who makes a donation worth 1 BTC.
Jack also brings in new members, and day 3 is finished.
You're immediately paid a referral bonus as a percentage of the amount donated by your referral, Jack: 0.05 BTC (5% от 1 BTC).
Step 3
Further development
Step 3
Further development
New members make more donations, day 4 is finished, and the reward + referral bonuses are paid to Jack.
Seeing how well it works, you and other members make new donations and bring in new members to the System.
Again, all of you receive profit + bonuses.
New donations will generate new days within BM-System — the System will grow and develop. Day after day, everyone will make profit!
Let us reiterate: it's as simple as ABC. Make a donation, get it back after a time +10% profit on top of it. Plus bonuses: +5% for each referral and multi-level bonuses for building structures. That's it.
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