The BMS - Bitcoin Multiplying System!                             Minimum profit is +10% per two day.     Up to +9% Referral Bonus.     3-level Partner Bonuses.     Open Around The Clock 24/7. 

  • Members: 6816
  • Referral bonuses paid: 111.9 BTC
  • Days online: 101
  • Payed to members: 1206.6 BTC

F.A.Q. about Bitcoin Multiplying System

1. What is BM-System is and by whom it was created?

Bitcoin Multiplying System is an international community of crypto enthusiasts created for mutual assistance within the community. The BM-System system operates according to a unique mathematical algorithm, called Bitcoin multiplier. This is a bunch of economic concepts and mathematical formulas that succeeded in working in conditions of distributed data storage and Blockchain Technology.

More information about the Bitcoin multiplier, you can read in the relevant section.

2. Who can participate? With what currency?

Anyone can participate in the system. BM-System operates with Bitcoin (BTC) only.

3. What profit will I receive and when?

You will receive reward after two days you have donated. You will get initial amount and + 10% of the profit.

For example, you donated 0.5 BTC on the 15th, then on the 17th you will receive 0.55 BTC.

Then you can donate the obtained bitcoins again to the BM-System, if you want to get even more profit (compound interest).

4. What is the procedure?

In your account find System BTС address (this System address unique for each user) Transfer btc you want to donate to your System address.

System need around 30 minutes to update your balance after getting 3 confirmation in Blockchain network.

It is done. After 2 days you will receive a profit.

Use same System BTC address for all subsequent donations. Bitcoin sender address doesn't matter.

5. Where exactly my reward will come and at what time?

Reward will come to the BTC-address, which you have entered in the form during the registration. There is no specific time for receiving reward, it will come during the day and you will have enough time for reinvestment.

Donation time is not influence on reward receiving time.

6. What are the limits for the amount of the donation?

The minimum amount for donation is 0.0025 BTC.
Maximum donation amount is 10 BTC.

7. How do you earn bitcoins to guarantee interest and participation without risk?

When you make donations to the system "BMS", we divide them into 3 parts - the first part is used to cover the withdrawal of funds by the user, the second part is used to replenish the insurance fund of the system "BMS", and the third part is used to expand our bitcoin mining operation (which is currently 108.065 Petahashes or 0.241% of the total hashpower of the bitcoin network). We make a profit and assume the full risks of our businesses and in return for you saving your money with us, we give you a risk-free fixed rate of return.

8. How do you store bitcoins securely?

We use a combination of hot wallets, hardware wallets (Trezor) and BIP38 encrypted paper wallets to store bitcoins. At no time do we keep more than 5% of our total bitcoins in the hot wallet which is used for making payouts. The hardware wallet is used as a "warm" wallet and bitcoins are transferred from it to the hot wallet as required. Our paper wallets serve as our "cold" storage with the wallets generated on an air-gapped computer running Tails OS. Our hardware and paper wallets are also secured against physical theft as the hardware wallet requires a pin code and encryption password to access and the private keys in the paper wallet are encrypted which means that the coins in the wallet cannot be accessed without having both the private key and the encryption password. We also keep physical copies of the cold storage wallets at multiple locations.

9. Can I make donations more than 1 time?

Yes, you can make as many donations as you want.

10. Is it possible to make a new donation, when I haven’t received yet the reward from the old one?

Yes, new donations can be made at any time and regardless of your previous donations.

11. What happens if I make a donation, but the day ended earlier than my transaction was confirmed?

If you manage to send a donation before the end of the day, it will be credited by date of sending, despite the fact that confirmation will come later.
Note that the system uses a London time (GMT)

12. Is there a referral program? What are the conditions?

For inviting newcomers, you will get referral bonuses. There is a 3-level referral program we provide:

5% for the referral of the first level (direct registration)
3% for the referral of the second level
1% for the referral of the third level

In addition, 9% are allocated to referral bonuses.

Referral bonuses are paid the next day after the referral donation.

The bonus goes to your BTC address the day after the novice's donation.

13. What advice can be given to a newcomer?

Donate available funds.
Do not take a loan or debt to make a donation.
Leave part of the funds for subsequent donations.
Start with a small donation and gradually increase the amount.
Invite new members and increase your income with referral bonuses.
Motivate your invitees to invite new members and get bonuses from the entire downstream team up to the third level.

14. Can I use the same IP for multiple accounts? (IP RULES):

The System Allows you to open accounts on the same IP. If leader want to register his relatives one below another, this type of action is allowed if the value of the main account donation is greater than or equal to the other accounts below it created.
Bonuses will not be credited in accounts created in this way:

Leader (you): 0.01 BTC*
Father: 0.01 BTC*
Mother: 0.01 BTC*
Wife: 1 BTC*

You can see that the leader used the last account to take advantage of bonus receipts from the last account. If The System determinate this type of action on the part of the leader all the accounts below will be unified for your main account.
Know that unfair creating accounts below one another hurts the System.
If in case the leader still wants to do accounts of relatives one below another, it will only be allowed as below:

Leader (You): 0.3 BTC*
Father: 0.3 BTC*
Mother: 0.3 BTC*
Wife: 0.3 BTC*

*The numbers are taken for clarity.
Your primary account donation must be greater than or equal to the accounts created below.
It is also not allowed to run away from their leaders by creating multiple accounts, one under another.
If such actions are detected, the active member account will be returned back to the original leader.

Be honest to yourself, to your leader and to the system!

15. Is the participating safe or the system can be hacked?

Absolutely safe. The system works on the Bitcoin’s blockchain, which can not be faked or hacked. All payments are made automatically basing of mathematical algorithms, bypassing any human factor.

16. Where can I get the Bitcoins?

Bitcoin can be bought or sold numerous exchanging websites and p2p-sites. One of the best ways is to use

Follow this guide
And the buying process will be quick and easy.

17 What time of the day will I get paid?":

According paying procedure System pays by 5-6 withdraw blocks during the day. It means your payout can me made since 6 AM till 23 PM.